Author Interview—Hazel Statham

hazelThe other day, I had the opportunity to review “My Dearest Friend,” a Regency historical romance by author Hazel Statham. Today we are talking to Hazel herself, who has consented to join us for an interview.

Hazel, you write Regency historical romance, and you live in England. How do your surroundings inspire your work?

You only have to get away from the towns and cities and into the countryside to allow your imagination full rein. Little has changed there over the years and it’s easy to see your characters in the settings of the era. As a country, our cities are steeped in history and there are many remnants of Regency and Georgian England with many fantastic buildings to fire the imagination. Like all children throughout the world, we are taught our national history from an early age and, for me, it was the opportunity to let my imagination run riot. Even as a child, history fascinated me.

As a writer of Regency romance, you must read it as well. Who are your favorite authors?

For the Traditional Regency, it has to be Georgette Heyer. I found her books in my early teens and rapidly devoured them. However, I don’t only read Regency Romance, I read any period throughout history, including medieval and other favorite authors include Anne Gracie, Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverley… really, there are far too many to mention. I am an avid reader and my home is full of books as I can’t bear to part with them. In an attempt to stop the house from being overrun, my husband bought me an e-book reader for Christmas so now I’m on a buying spree.

How do you conduct your research to get the feel of the era?

History has been a part of my life for so long that I feel I have a natural empathy for the eras in which I write. However, I have many reference books and frequently use the Internet to research facts.

What other books have you written?

‘Dominic’, a lighthearted Georgian Romance, which was published by Wings in August, 2007. ‘His Shadowed Heart’ a Regency due for release by Wings in June, 2008. ‘Consequence’, a Georgian, and ‘Lizzie’s Rake’, another Regency have been taken by Highland Press and are also due out in 2008, but I do not have the exact dates as yet. ‘The Portrait’ was to have been published by Triskelion but, due to the closure, is currently homeless.

What do you plan to write in future?

My current WIP has a working title of ‘Sarah’ but I am planning to give Harry Chandler from ‘My Dearest Friend’ his own book.

What is the most enjoyable part of being a romance novelist?

The ability to inhabit, if only briefly, the historical world of my characters and share their lives.

Thank you for joining us, Hazel! It was a pleasure to talk to you.

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