Author Update: Shirley Bahlmann

LDS author Shirley Bahlmann was good enough to drop by and share with us all the wonderful things that have been going on since we last saw her.

Shirley, since we last talked to you here on, you’ve had three books released. Can you tell us a little about each of them?

Friends from Beyond the Veil” was titled by my publisher, and I don’t really like the title. While it contains some stories of people who saw angels or spirits of loved ones, it also includes stories from people who saw spirits from the dark side. But the publisher has the final say! It’s ironic that I even put this book together, because I don’t like scary stories or movies. The thing that I feel redeems this book is that there are angel and family member stories, and the ones from the dark side tend to teach a lesson, like what you should avoid, or what might happen if you get into some things we’ve been warned against. I’ve come to really like this book, especially since a woman who’s died three times has identified five different types of spirits for readers, but this book is not for everyone.

“Oddly Enough” is the third book in my true pioneer stories series, and contains stories that are humorous and others that are touching. It just so happens in my life that there are times I choose a movie to watch just so I can cry and feel better. My other most favorite movies are humor. Then there’s Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights” that make me do both. I love the interweaving of humor and pathos, because you can only cry so much, and then you’ve just got to laugh.

Life is Like Riding a Unicycle” is my newest release, and when I re-read it for possible errors (a practice I studiously avoid because I seem to always find places I could have written better!) I was delighted to find that I felt encouraged by the stories of everyone in there who has done things they wanted to do regardless of age. I also got to re-read my own adventure of teaching myself how to ride the unicycle at the ripe old age of 48. It was great fun, I loved the passion that burned in my heart, even though I could have done without the burning bruises on my shins. It was all part of the package of spreading my wings and lurching out of my comfort zone.

Wow – they all sound terrific.

Join us tomorrow as I continue our chat with Shirley Bahlmann and discover what inspired her to write these new books.

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