Avoiding Student-Teacher Battles

One aspect of teaching that several teachers, especially new teachers, struggle with is discipline. Beginning teachers often fear that they will not have control of their classroom. They fear that they will not be able to gain the respect from their students.

This is a very legitimate concern. Some teachers do have great struggles when it comes to gaining respect from students and taking charge of the classroom. Successful classroom management skills are essential to being a successful teacher.

One important rule to remember when it comes to discipline in the classroom is to avoid teacher and student battles. In some cases the classroom becomes a battle ground for discipline struggles. There should not be any competition for power when it comes to the student and teacher relationship.

Students are very quick to try to create a challenge of wits, odds, or power. They can quickly fluster and agitate the situation to create a battle for attention and a struggle for power.

When pushed to limits, some teachers begin to toughen up and respond with stricter rules and a harsher attitude. However this is not the best way to teach the students respect. Toughening up and becoming harder often only entices them to challenge you more.

Most children are disrespectful because they know how to be and are often quite good at it. Being respectful is typically a harder and more unfamiliar concept for children. However once they learn the concept and practice it, being respectful can come just as naturally to them as being disrespectful.

The best way to teach children respect is to show them how to be respectful. When teachers or parents talk down to, embarrass, or yell at children they are teaching disrespectful actions.

When students push all of your buttons, the best way to respond is calmly and respectfully. Students like to see that they have caused uproar in your emotions. Staying calm and keeping respect for them will deescalate the situation.

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