Babies in the News: Close Encounters of the Baby Monitor?

Literally. . .

New mom, Natalie Meilinger went to go check on 14 week old son Jack and had to take a double take. Instead of seeing her peaceful little guy sleeping or cooing or anything else remotely familiar she saw something entirely different. One of two channels on the baby monitor is picking up video from the Atlantis space shuttle.

Since Sunday, she has been able to see video from inside the space shuttle on one channel of her baby monitor and on the other channel she can keep an eye on her son. She can also here their conversations. . .the whole nine yards. Ironically, Natalie is a science teacher. To silence skeptical co-workers and students, she brought in video to school on their last day of school.

The monitor doesn’t pick up images from anywhere. She tried to take the monitor to a friend’s house to show it off and it didn’t work. So it has to be that her monitor is picking up a frequency from near by. (NASA confirmed that the video is not in fact coming from the space shuttle itself–although basic science could’ve told you that.) There is live video on the NASA website so apparently her monitor is picking up some. . .earthly frequency.

Regardless of where it is from, it is there and she can’t seem to get rid of it. As I thought about this story I thought about what a wonderful baby book this kid is going to have. Can you imagine it? Here’s little Jack at 3 months old. And here’s several pages of Little Jack’s baby monitor when it was picking up images from space. Here are the news stories, the camera crews and everyone else that came out to see for themselves. (Otherwise they would’ve thought poor mom Natalie was just seriously sleep deprived.)

The baby monitor manufacturer says they have never heard of anything like this happening and have no idea what could be causing this to happen. A team of engineers is investigating it now.