Baby Bath – Water Temperature

We’ve all heard that a baby’s bath water temperature should not be too hot or too cold but what exactly does that mean and what’s the best method for making sure the water is perfect? Well, when adults get into bath water that is a little warm or cool, the body can adjust somewhat or water added to make the temperature more comfortable. However, a baby has thin, new skin that is very sensitive. Therefore, he or she can’t adjust as adults can.

Although you will check the water after filling it, we also recommend you check it again right before you place the baby in the water – just to make sure. For testing the water, you can use your wrist area, which is one of the most sensitive spots on an adult’s body. The skin there is thin like that of a baby so you would get a more accurate reading than just using your arm.

The goal is to teach your baby that bath time is fun, a time of splashing, giggling, and just enjoying some quality bonding time with mom or dad. For this reason, you want to make sure in addition to the water temperature being right, the room is also warm so the baby does not become chilled. Be sure there are no drafts and that you have a warm, fluffy towel waiting for him or her as soon as you take him/her out of the tub.

One recommendation is to turn the hot water heater down so it is no more than 120 degrees. Additionally, we recommend use cold water first, adding in the hot water to create the right temperature. Usually about 100 to 100.4 degrees is perfect for a baby. Not only does this feel good to his or her body but it also helps the baby retain body heat so that bath time is a positive experience.

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