Baby Blog Birth Announcement

The expected arrival is finally here–welcome to the brand new Baby blog here at

I’m Barbara, and I’ll be your hostess on this journey through new parenthood.

I’m 31, currently reside in southern California, and have two children–a seven-year-old son, and three-year-old daughter.

I’ve been writing about parenting and families for magazines, newspapers, and around the web for a number of years, and I’m thrilled to be here with you now.

What I hope you’ll find here is both a combination of the latest information affecting your life as a parent, and reassuring facts about the issues you care most about.

Breastfeeding. Bottlefeeding. Family Bed. Immunizations. Actually getting a full nights sleep while your child is under the age of one.

Your input and feedback are welcome and strongly encouraged. You’ll help drive the direction of this blog towards the things you’ll find most useful.

You can also email me at

Thanks for joining us.