Baby Blog in Review: April Thus Far

What can I say other than ‘oops’? I forgot to post a week in review for the baby blog last week. I was just coming back from vacation, had mountains of laundry and other sundry things to take care of and well, I just forgot. So this week, I will bring you the baby blog review starting from April 1st!

Sunday, April 1 April started off controversially with a blog entitled Weak White Males and the Difference Race Makes in Preemies. This is a discussion on the statistical tendency for males, especially caucasion males to mature the slowest in the NICU.

Monday, April 2 Do you put your baby to bed with a bottle? Have you hear of baby bottle tooth decay? If you haven’t and you bottle feed, you need to read this article: Baby Bottle Tooth Decay!

Tuesday, April 3 In Finding Out Your Baby Has Special Needs we talk about how to deal with realizing that your baby is not developing normally.

Wednesday, April 4 In What You Need to Know About Nipple Confusion, we talk about preventing this condition in order to encourage breastfeeding as much as possible.

Thursday, April 5 Closely Space Siblings? 10 Tips to Survive the First Few Months is all about how to survive with two babies in the house at a time. The first few months can be rough, but eventually it is a lot of fun to have siblings that are not very far apart in age.

Friday, April 6 How Pumping Sabotages a New Mom debunks some of the myths about new moms and pumping. If you are pregnant and planning to breastfeed–this is a ‘must read’.

Saturday, April 7 Breastfeeding and HIV New research is showing that in Africa, it is better for HIV positive moms to breastfeed despite the risk of infection. While the same is not likely true for the US I still think that the research has a lot of applications here.

Sunday, April 8 Abrupt Weaning This article covers issues related to weaning your baby abruptly.

Monday, April 9 A Quick Guide to Your Baby’s Teeth Exactly as the title implies, this is a quick reference to normal dental development in infants.

Tuesday, April 10 Un-confusing the Nipple Confused Baby If your baby suffers from nipple confusion, check out this blog for a few helpful tips on how to fix the problem.

Wednesday, April 11 Volunteer Cuddler Programs These special volunteers help parents of preemies provide a valuable aspect of a preemie’s care: human touch. Read more about these unique programs that are cropping up all over the United States. In Ask a Baby Blogger: Just How Do You Do It In this blog I answer how I survive with five young children.

Thursday, April 12 The American Baby Faire is sponsored by Babies R Us and a whole slew of baby product manufacturers. It is worth checking out if you are expecting or have a newborn. See this blog for more details.

Friday, April 13 Don’t Offer Don’t Refuse We continue the discussion on weaning with this mother led technique for weaning your child from the breast.

Saturday, April 14 Ask a Baby Blogger: How Young Is Too Young For Discipline I answer a reader’s question, giving some helpful tips for disciplining a young toddler.