Baby Blog Week in Review: April 15 to April 22

Sunday, April 15

The World’s Largest Baby Massage–This was about an event held last weekend in Dallas. Palmer’s baby massage butter hosted the event attempting to set the world record for getting the most parents to massage their babies at the same time.

Monday, April 16

5 Red Flags That May Signal a Motor Development Problem–Do you know the difference between when your child is delayed but normal and when there’s a problem with his motor development? This article spells it all out for you!

Tuesday, April 17

5 More Red Flags to Watch For in Your Toddler–A continuation of the previous day’s article on normal motor development in toddlers.

Wednesday, April 18

Hospital Crosses Line–A man was carrying his newborn out of the hospital when an off duty security officer shot him with a tazer gun. The man dropped his newborn. This article has set off a little controversy and as a result you can look for my own story regarding parental rights vs. hospitals.

Is Your Baby Bottle Safe–UPDATE–It has recently been discovered that some baby bottles made with BPA actuall leak the dangerous substance into the contents of the bottle. Whole Foods has now developed a line of BPA free bottles.

Thursday, April 19

From Playground to Surgery–But He’s Just a Baby!–Thank you to Heather, who shared with us a frightening story of her own nephew who had surgery this week due to a playground injury! If you have toddlers, this is a must read article!

Fussy Baby? Work on Your Marriage–Discusses recent research regarding the importance of a strong marital bond and how it can help couples deal with a baby who has colic.

Friday, April 20

The Savvy Mom’s Thoughts on the Hottest New Baby Products–Join us in this new weekly feature in which I review and attempt to help new mother’s decide whether or not they really need that new baby product.

Saturday, April 21

Hospital Staff Bullies vs. Parental Rights–This is our own story of the days following the birth of our 3rd daughter. If you’ve ever felt like your breastfeeding efforts were sabotaged or your baby’s case was medically mismanaged you’ll likely relate to this story. This is part one of a three part series!

Sunday, April 22

Hospital Staff Bullies vs. Parental Rights Part 2–A continuation of our story. Make sure to check in tomorrow to find out the conclusion. You can also find out what your recourses are when you disagree with hospital staff and/or procedures regarding your newborn.