Baby Blog Week in Review: December 8th Through December 14th

baby foot If you missed any of last week’s posts, be sure to catch up today!

December 8th

Baby Blog Week in Review: December 1st Through December 7th

Are you excited for the holidays? I’ll be sharing some ideas for sharing this magical time with your little ones. In the meantime, check out the blog posts for the past week.

December 9th

Ideas for Your Child’s Christmas Tree

There is something so magical about seeing a baby next to a Christmas tree. One nice idea is to create a small tree that is just for baby. You can place this tree in baby’s room or in a playroom, keeping it out of reach of course, especially if you add any lights or breakable ornaments to the tree. Baby-friendly tress can be explored by your baby under supervision.

December 10th

What to Do When You Can’t Afford Preschool

If you find yourself in a situation where preschool is out of reach financially, what do you do? Is your child doomed to fall behind before she even reaches Kindergarten? Will he grow up to be unsocial and labeled slow if he doesn’t attend the best early learning program?

December 11th

Genetic Test Promises to Tell If Your Baby Will Be a Star Athlete

Have you ever heard of the snake oil salesman? This was a vendor that travelled all around selling special concoctions that were supposedly good for curing anything that ailed you from thinning hair to heart attack. But the sales of these potions relied more on the conning ability of the salesman rather than the veracity of the the substance. Today we use the term to denote someone who is selling something that has no scientific basis or proven fact behind it.

December 12th

Diaper Tips & Trivia

Whether you like cloth or disposables, here is everything you always wanted to know about diapers and diapering, with a few fun bits of trivia thrown in for good measure.

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