Baby Born at 37,000 Feet

People living in Northern Canada could have never known what was going on in the skies above their homes last week while they were eating dinner.

A female passenger on a Korean Air Lines flight was giving birth to a baby.

According to reports, Jadan Brown was delivered last Wednesday by his father Larry, an emergency medical worker, and a Korean surgeon who happened to be onboard the flight from the Philippines to New York City.

Isn’t it amazing that whenever a major medical emergency occurs on a flight (major enough to make headlines, anyway) that a doctor, nurse or some other trained medical worker just so happens to be onboard the same flight?

Reports say Jacel Brown was about seven months into her pregnancy when she started to go into labor in the middle of the 14-hour flight. The New Jersey resident said there was no way she could have predicted that her son would have chosen to make his debut at 37,000 feet above Northern Canada.

Brown says the baby was born on the floor of the plane’s galley and weighed less than 3 pounds. The premature newborn was stabilized at a New York hospital after the plane landed, and later transported to a hospital near the Brown’s New Jersey residence.

Doctors at the hospital told news reporters that it is “remarkable” that the baby is as healthy as he is, “especially since he was so premature.”

Pregnant women should always consult their doctors prior to traveling on an airplane. Given that her husband was a trained emergency worker I’m sure that Brown did so prior to taking the 14-hour flight. Then again, maybe she didn’t. I remember when I pregnant I asked my doctor if I could take an 12-hour flight to Hawaii and his only response was: “If you feel comfortable giving birth in an airplane, you can fly anywhere you want.” Needless to say, I waited until my daughter was 6 months old before flying to Hawaii and after hearing about Brown’s incident I doubt I would fly anywhere while 7 months pregnant.

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