Baby Can You Hear Me? Reading to Your Baby Before Birth

Many parents, especially today, begin reading to their baby long before he or she is born. They do it to promote voice recognition, as a way of soothing, and maybe, just maybe, as a way to give their little future Einstein a jump start into the world of intelligence. Does it work? The jury is still out on this one. Some say yes, some say no. I say that if it feels right, go for it. At the very least you are creating a bond with your unborn baby and are likely calming your own anxieties of the day while reading to your baby, nestled safely beneath your skin.

Babies in their mothers’ bellies enjoy the vibrations of voice. The more you read to your baby, the more they become used to the gentle lull of your unique sound. It’s also a lovely way to start sharing favorite books, perhaps from your own childhood, that you can continue to read to your baby after he or she is born.

So what should you read? At this point, any story will do. It could be the entire works of Shakespeare or your favorite Dr. Seuss book. The important thing if you choose to read to your baby in utero, is that you read something you enjoy, that will allow your own body to relax, thus creating a relaxing atmosphere for the baby.

Reading to your baby before he or she is born is also a wonderful way to include soon-to-be dads. Let’s face it; men don’t get to share in all that women go through during the months of pregnancy. Sure, they can feel the baby moving with their hands on your belly (when he or she cooperates of course), but they never feel the wonderment of a life growing inside of them. Because of this, many dads shy away from “talking” to their wives bellies. Although they love their babies before birth, they do not have the same physical attachment that mothers do. When dads-to-be read to their child prior to birth, it allows them to bond with the baby as well.