Baby Einstein Sing and Learn Dragon

We all know that The Baby Einstein Company is successful at their job — educating children in creative ways. Many of their videos have toys which correspond to them. My daughter has the Sing and Learn Dragon that goes along with the “Baby Shakespeare: World of Poetry” video. Even though Dragon was originally featured in “Baby Mozart: Music Festival” video, he was so popular that he was brought back for “Baby Shakespeare,” which teaches children basic words and poetry. The Sing and Learn Dragon helps to teach your child the ABC’s.

There are three letters on the bottom of the dragon’s right foot (left if you are facing it) — A, B, and C. When his foot is squeezed, he sings “The Alphabet Song.” Unfortunately, he does not simply say the alphabet along with singing the song. I think that would be a nice feature to add to this dragon.

On the bottom of the dragon’s left foot (right if you are facing it), there is a musical note. When you squeeze this foot, the dragon sings the classic children’s tune, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” At the end of this song, the dragon shouts, “Blah!” When I first heard this after playing it for my daughter, who was only three months old at the time,” I could not believe that I had heard it. I played it again, and sure enough I heard the same, “Blah!” Now, this was before I had watched either “Baby Mozart” or “Baby Shakespeare.” I was not aware that the reason “Baby Mozart” made this dragon so popular was that at the end of segments featuring him, his tongue would roll out and he would exclaim, “Blah!”

This toy give you a great opportunity to play and interact with your child. As the dragon sings the ABC’s, you and your child can sing along. When the dragon sings “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” you can put your hand up the back of the dragon and into its mouth to control the motion. There is also a button that you can press in the dragon’s mouth to activate “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” so that you control the speed of the song. When I am playing with my daughter, sometimes I will make the dragon sing slowly and make funny faces. That always makes my daughter giggle.

You can purchase the Baby Einstein Sing and Learn Dragon at Babies-R-Us stores for approximately $15.