Baby Food Jar Ideas

You can do so many things with baby food jars. They are really handy for storing small stuff and they also make cute craft projects. The simplest idea is using them as candleholders. Decorate them as desired and place a tea candle inside.

Older children can make their own candles. Collect remnants of old candles from around he house and melt them in an old pot over low heat, with adult supervision. Have an adult pour the wax into baby food jars. Pour one color wax into a jar, allow to set, and then add another color. The second layer will melt some of the first and the colors will mix together to create interesting effects. Use the wicks from the old candles, or pick up some new wicks. Tape the tip to a toothpick, and lay the pick across the top of the jar, holding the wick in place.

You can make cute décor elements by layering colored sand in baby food jars too, and they also make good storage containers for craft items such as paint mixed to make special colors, or for storing beads.

Make tiny vases. Cover baby food jars with crumbled up tissue paper and glue. Paint if desired. Put a bit of clay in the bottom of the jar to hold flowers in place. Fill with miniature artificial flowers to make cute arrangements. Tie a ribbon around the mouth of the jar.

Another idea is to make gel air fresheners for children’s rooms. Make unflavored gelatin and add a few drops of essential oil or mix gelatin with just enough hot water to dissolve it and use liquid potpourri for the rest of the required liquid. Pour into jars and allow to gel. Add a couple of drops of food coloring or decorate as desired.