Baby MacDonald: A Day on the Farm

The Baby Einstein Company has created many fun ways for our children to learn about the world around them. With their selection of videos, CD’s, books, and toys, this company is an educational wonder! One of the videos that they have created is called “Baby MacDonald: A Day on the Farm.” This episode teaches your child about all of the different things you can find on a farm. There are clips of farm life, including fields, orchards, and live animals.

The video begins with live-action footage of sunrise on a farm. A barn and silo are pictured with a field in the background. Then the rooster puppet shows up and begins to crow. An instrumental version of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” begins to play as we see video from a farm. Many farm tools are shown, such as a combine, a horse-pulled plow, and a child on a toy tractor. A child runs with a pony, and cows and chicks are shown running on the farm.

There is one segment on this video that featured a version of “Old MacDonald” sung by a chorus of children. Six animals are featured during this song — cow, sheep, pig, horse, chicken, rooster — and with each animal there are visuals to accompany them. For the cow, a person is shown completing a cow puzzle and a child in a cow costume is shown. For the rooster, our puppet friend from the beginning of the video pushes the previous segment aside and gives us a big cock-a-doodle-doo!

Another segment of the video provides a view of food that comes from the farm. Carrots, wheat, apples, and corn are shown. Also, there is a part during this segment which features food we get from farm animals. Set to the tune of “Farmer in the Dell,” this song teaches your child “the cows give us milk” and “the chickens give us eggs.”

“Baby MacDonald: A Day on the Farm” is a fun way to help teach your child about farms. Not only will s/he learn about the animals, but s/he will also learn about the daily life and work that helps to make a farm successful.

In addition to the DVD or VHS, there are toys, books, and other educational supplements to this video available for purchase from The Baby Einstein Company. Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, and other retailers also sell Baby Einstein products.