Baby Shoe Crafts

You can use an old baby shoe (clean it up if necessary) or you can purchase an inexpensive pair of baby shoes or large baby doll shoes and use one to make this cute knick-knack for Mom. Another child can use the other shoe, or you can make a gift for Grandma too.

Baby Shoe Accessory

Items Needed:

  • Baby shoe
  • Floral foam
  • Artificial flowers
  • Moss (or other filler… real or artificial)
  • Ribbon
  • Glue

1. Cut down the floral foam so it fits inside the baby shoe (adult help required).

2. Glue the floral foam in place.

3. Poke the flower stems deep into the floral foam so they stay secure.

4. Arrange the flowers until they look like you want them to look.

5. Add moss or filler around the bottoms of the flower stems. Add a little glue to keep moss from falling out. Continue adding moss until the floral foam is no longer visible.

6. Tie with decorative ribbons, and make pretty bows. If the shoe has laces, you might want to remove the laces and replace them with ribbon.

*If Mom has boys instead of girls, try adding natural elements such as curling willow instead of flowers, or try the variation below.

Baby Shoe Planter

If you’re using a walking shoe or a gym shoe, you can make baby either style of baby shoes into a planter filled with real plants or flowers. Line the shoe with a plastic sandwich bag, add a bit of potting soil, and plant a seeds that don’t take long to grow. If you don’t have time to grow a plant, choose a starter plant or flowering plant from a nursery or garden center and plant it in the shoe. Make sure you choose something that won’t grow very big. You may eventually have to transplant the plant, but it will make an adorable Mother’s Day gift, and Mom will love it.