Baby Time: Hours to go till Sleep

Time change is a hard time on everyone in the family including your baby. Babies have a great sense of personal time keeping and they don’t care what your clock says. So if you’ve got a baby that’s more than a bit upset at the latest change in events since most of our U.S. clocks rolled forward, then here’s a few suggestions to help them out now and help you out later.

If your baby typically went down for the night around 8 p.m. every evening, they are likely not going to sleep at 9. They are probably sleeping a little later and that may throw your whole schedule out of whack.

You can help them out by graduating their waking, napping and sleep times back in fifteen-minute increments. Do this for three to five days and once they are settled at the new time, drop them back another fifteen minutes. You can do this anytime you want to adjust their sleep time.

While this method may take you a while to get your baby settled down right now, knowing this now can help you out come next October when time changes again. It’s also a useful trick to help reacclimatize baby after a trip when traveling times can distort their time perception. What do you do to help get your baby back on schedule?

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