Baby vs. Pet Names

If you are a pet owner or know one, then you’re probably well aware that many consider themselves “parents” of their respective furballs, despite not sharing the same DNA. In addition to feeding, bathing and caring for their furry “kids,” pet parents also have the job of naming them. And if you have two-legged and four-legged kids, then playing the name game can get even trickier.

Recently, there has been a heated debate in cyberworld between pet parents and the real deal over names. Names.

Apparently, some people have the time and energy to get mad about others stealing the name they planned to bestow on their offspring. Basically, some parents-to-be of human children are steaming because they have friends that used their baby name for a new puppy.

Oh the horror!

In one case documented by a well-known newspaper, a mom planned to name her daughter after her late grandmother, but her friend gave her puppy the same name. The pregnant woman told the paper she was irate that “people were taking dog names from baby books.”

It may sound like a joke, but unfortunately it’s not. What’s more, the mad mom is not alone. According to the paper, there are thousands of other parents out there, who share the same resentment for pet owners, that are “stealing” baby names and giving them to shaggy, four-legged creatures.


Frankly, I find the entire “name battle” petty and without merit. Think about it. How many dogs do you know that are named Jenny, Grace, Bella, Sam, Ruby, Buddy, etc. I know plenty, and personally I wouldn’t give a rip if someone had an entire litter of Rottweilers and named them all Michele. With one “l.”

Who cares?

Would I be outraged that a friend’s pooch shared the same name as my daughter. Not in the least.

According to experts queried for the newspaper interview, when it comes to names, a standard rules applies for parents, as well as pet owners: first come, first serve.

What do you make of the baby name controversy?

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