Baby Nick Jr. Curious Buddies: Let’s Make Music

The Curious Buddies are part of Baby Nick Jr., which is of course part of Nickelodeon, the children’s television network. There is a series of videos with these cute little puppets that are geared toward infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. “Let’s Make Music” is one of the videos in the Curious Buddies series, and it is my daughter’s favorite video!

Let me tell you how I even found out about this video. I was standing in line at the local grocery store and the lady in front of me started talking to me about how long we had been waiting. I made the comment that I hoped my daughter had not yet awakened from her nap. She then began telling me about her grandkids and mentioned how much they love this video. So I told my mother about it and she bought it for Ciera for her birthday. From the moment I popped the DVD into the player, she was hooked!

First, you are introduced to all of the main characters. The narrator says hello to each animal – a dog, a pig, a cat, a bear, and an elephant. Each animal then responds by making whatever sound each animal makes (e.g., the dog barks, the pig oinks, etc.), except for the elephant which seems to be “voiced” by a harmonica. After the introduction, the music begins.

The music starts with a song sung by the narrator called “Let’s Make Music.” Throughout the song, there is a variety of scenes where children are playing musical instruments by themselves or with their parents and children and families are dancing. Next there is a musical interpretation of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” sung by a girl’s mother. While the mother sings, the little girl plays the song on the harmonica – well, at least her own version of it.

I would describe the entire video, but I don’t want to ruin the ending! In short, the video teaches about musical instruments, rhythm, soft and loud, fast and slow, the musical scale, and how to have fun while you’re making music. My favorite aspect about the video is that the puppets are voiced by children, which makes it that much cuter.

The age listed on the “Curious Buddies: Let’s Make Music” video is 3-24 months, but even my three-year-old nephew loves it!

“Curious Buddies: Let’s Make Music” is available at Wal-Mart for approximately $10.