Baby Safety Seminar? Part II

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So far readers, you have learned that my husband and I were sent a postcard inviting us to a baby safety seminar and that we chose to RSVP and attend. The man conducting the seminar, who we call Mr. Bob, told us about all kinds of horrible accidents that can happen to a child in the “wrong” kind of crib. In the meantime, he pushed the notion that the crib he was selling was safer and more convenient than other cribs. Let’s find out what happened next.

Apparently a crib is not the only impending danger to a baby! Mr. Bob next moved on to highchairs. He had a “bad” highchair that was so unsafe that an average-sized adult could fit in it. To bring home his point, he sat in the highchair and locked the tray in place. He explained that he was showing us this because he thought if an adult could fit in a highchair, then a child would no doubt be able to escape from the confines of a highchair. Not only that, but the height of the highchair was another factor! He went on to talk about how it is not possible to adjust the height of other highchairs. Then he uncovered a feeding table. This table was low to the ground like the height you would expect a child’s picnic table to be. Mr. Bob took out the tray and showed how secure a child would be in the seat using a doll. He said that because the table surrounded the child completely that it would be safer because the child could not fall or slip out – and the child has more room to eat or play or do homework. Yes, this table can even be converted to a desk when your child gets a little older!

Does all of this sound too good to be true? Well to give you a better idea, the crib itself cost over $600 and the table was over $300. However, if we ordered and put down a deposit that day, we could get the special discount! My husband and I fell for it. Fortunately we were not in a position to give a deposit, so nice Mr. Bob let us order on the condition that we would mail our deposit in the following week.

We never mailed the deposit. I called the phone number Mr. Bob had left and canceled our order just a few days later. As the days went by we began to realize what had happened. This man had practically brainwashed us into thinking that we would not be good parents and we did not care about our baby unless we bought his products. I wish I had that power over people sometimes!

This company obviously studies its clientele closely and knows weaknesses. Just think: a pregnant woman is a rage of hormones, so what better time to instill fear of being a bad parent? The speaker knows how to work the crowd and convince these hormonal women that he is right. I don’t think one couple walked out of that seminar without purchasing at least one of the two products. I wonder how many of them canceled later and lost their deposits.

I am not saying to not go to any baby safety seminar to which you get invited. I am simply trying to make you aware that there are certain companies out there who are willing to take advantage of a delicate situation. Caveat emptor – let the buyer beware!

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