Bachelor Party Ideas

Getting married soon? Looking for a way to plan a bachelor party that defies the typical pop culture image of drunken revelry and questionable morals? Let’s discuss a few ideas that can make your bachelor party not only memorable, but unique.

The idea of a bachelor party is a celebration of manhood. It’s a rite of passage for lack of a better term. It doesn’t have to be a cliché event nor does it need to be something that goes down in the pages of I don’t know what I did that night.

Instead, we can look back at the past to find ways to encourage male bonding, celebration, revelry and a rite of passage that not only will you remember, but so will all the men who participate.

So here are a few ideas, if you don’t see one you like today. Hang in there, I will be adding more throughout the month!

Weekend Camping Trip

Getting the guys together can be a lot of fun, but getting the guys together to head out into the wilderness for a couple of days of camping, camp fires and fishing or hunting (with cameras if you prefer) can let the boys be boys. They don’t need alcohol to hang out around the campfire, regaling each other with tales of great sports matches or their own marriages.

There’s something about being out in nature, if you throw a hike into the equation, it allows the men to be men. Friendships can be enhanced through shared physical experience and they can celebrate the groom’s upcoming nuptials.

Amateur Night at a Comedy Club

This idea is best used for the outgoing guys, but even the shy ones can enjoy the experience. Amateur stand up nights are held at lots of comedy clubs. The men can take their bachelor party to the club. His buddies and family can regale the prospective groom as they take the stage one at a time. Whether their jokes fall flat or the guys laugh themselves silly, chances are they will have a great time. They can even roast the groom if they are so inclined.

The Sports Have It

Got a favorite sport? Rock climbing? Skiing? Surf boarding? Combine the bachelor party with your favorite sporting event. Try to choose a sport that puts you and the guys out there actively doing the sports rather than watching the game at home or attending one. (Although admittedly, getting tickets to a game and taking the guys out to one may be just the thing.)

You can have friendly competition or you can just get out there and show off your physical prowess. One event that I know of that was immensely popular utilized paintball guns. The guys broke up in teams and played seek and splat. I’ve also heard of more than a few great laser tag type bachelor parties.

The thing here is to remember that the bachelor party is supposed to be fun and memorable. The guys are not so much celebrating the forthcoming wedding, but their own camaraderie and manhood.

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