Back in Black iPhone App

I love my iPhone. I haven’t made a secret about that. I think I’ve talked about it enough in my writing. There are so many things I can do with my phone. I know I got along just fine before I had a cell phone at all and then did just fine when I had a simple phone that’s only fun feature was voice dialing. Now I don’t know what I’d do without my iPhone and all its smart phone features.

There are many things I can do on my phone to shop for deals and make sure I’m getting the best prices. I can search for coupons and load them onto my shopper cards from my phone and sometimes onto my phone itself. I can bank from my banks’ smart phone apps. I have other finance apps as well.

The non-bank related finance app I use most gives me a summary breakdown of my spending and would create a budget for me if I asked it to. I haven’t, however, because it hasn’t met my needs in that area.

Enter the new iPhone app that goes live on June 30: Back in Black. The app is designed to do just what the name says and help users get their finances out of the read and into the black. The app doesn’t just help the user set up a budget. The app helps the user set goals and work toward them. The app helps the user get out of debt. The app even helps the user stay motivated to keep on track to meet the goals. Budgeting is difficult to keep exciting and it is hard to stay motivated. The goals the app helps the user set are clear and there are visuals too.

I am excited about this app and can’t wait to review it.