Back To School Blessings

It is often a tradition in many mormon homes to give back to school blessings at the beginning of each school year. Or, at least it was in mine. I don’t remember anything that was said in those blessings, but I remember feeling peace each time my Father would lay his hands on my head and reassure me that the year would go smoothly. I remember feeling safe, and warm, and knowing that not only did my earthly Father love me, but my Heavenly Father did too.

Giving your children back to school blessings is a great way to calm their nerves. Back to school brings a lot of anticipation. There is anxiety about a myriad of things, and a blessing can ease those anxious feelings and help children know that everything will be OK. I want my daughter to have that same reassurance. Last week was her first week of school, and we forgot the blessing! I remembered late one night as my husband and I were laying down to sleep. He said that he would do it first thing this week. It will be a part of our family home evening tonight.

A back to school blessing can not only calm a nervous child, but it can calm a nervous mother, too. I know that since my daughter has started school, I always feel nervous about the first day. Will everything run smoothly? Will she eat a good lunch? Will she make friends? Will she love her teacher? Being calm for your children is key so that they don’t worry. Hearing my husband exercise his priesthood in this way reminds me that our Heavenly Father is watching out for our little family, and our children. He loves us, and He loves them. And, everything will be OK. I’m grateful for this little quiet moment at the beginning of each year to be reminded of that.

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