Backcountry Adventure for the Family

Getting away is a wonderful way to enjoy family time. However, many families will stay in the mainstream, choosing destinations such as Disney World, Six Flags, or some other theme park. While these too are incredible choices, I wanted to point out some backcountry adventures that definitely deserve consideration. After all, getting outdoors is a great way to learn about life, get exercise, and just spend quality time together.

One of my first destinations is just amazing. My kids and I spent time there are few years back and I can’t wait to go again. A rafting trip on the Lower Salmon River in Idaho offers some amazing scenery to include gorgeous inland river beaches, peaceful pools, and all types of vegetation and wildlife. In fact, some of the state’s most famous rapids viewscapes, and gorges are found in this area, some that include Blue Canyon and Snow Hole.

We also visited places in the states of Washington and Oregon where they too have some magnificent rivers and unbelievably, volcanoes. If you want, you can take a day hike through dense forests that will take you over ancient lava flows. Then at night, you will have a choice of heartwarming lodges, only to have a chance at more white water rafting. One of the benefits to vacationing here is the food. You’ll have a chance to enjoy some of the most delicious seafood in the country.

If you have time to head to Canada, I highly recommend you make a visit to this country a holiday tradition. I found an organization there called Canadian Mountain Holidays that is so amazing. They offer families the perfect chance to spend time in an outdoor playground to include helicopter hiking for the adults and qualified childcare for the smaller children. Kids will enjoy activities such as storytelling, science projects, and new discoveries of all kinds.

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