Backyard Preschool Summer Olympics

preschool girls Why should the little ones miss out on all of the Summer Olympic fun? You can host a backyard preschool olympics that will be sure to be a great time for everyone. The kids will learn all about moving their bodies and working as a team. They can gain confidence in their abilities, as well as a little exercise. Why not plan a backyard preschool summer olympics for your next preschool playdate, birthday party or moms camp? You can hold it for one day only, or host the event for a few days. It is up to you.

Here are some great ideas that you can choose and use.

Have the children make their own torches and then run them around as torch runners. With each child carrying her own torch, there are no conflicts! Helping preschoolers make torches is simple. Have them wrap aluminum foil or construction paper around empty paper towel tubes. Then stuff some tissue paper of orange and yellow in the top of the tube for the flame. That is it!

Have each child make up a country to represent. At this age, making up their own countries as opposed to choosing one that really exists gives them a sense of their individuality and self confidence. They are more likely to remember their made up country, too. Expect to find a lot of them names after themselves or popular characters.

If you are stretching the backyard summer olympics out to several days, you can have the children make another craft, a flag of their own country. Have some flag-shaped precut paper and small dowels available. Let the preschoolers decorate their flags with crayons and stickers. Then wrap the edge of the flag around the dowel and glue.

Create an opening ceremony. Use a garbage can to represent the giant torch and have the preschoolers “light” it with their torches. Then each one can contribute a dance or other activity to perform. Or, if you find it easier, just have everyone join hands and sing a simple song.

Would you like some more ideas for a backyard preschool summer olympics? There are so many events that you can do! And don’t forget about having a medal ceremony.

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