Bacon in Bulk

Bacon You can bring home the bacon without spending a lot of bacon when you buy it in bulk. Here are some top tips for buying, storing and using bacon that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Bacon is one of those foods that falls in an out of favor. Bacon and eggs were once the staple of the successful American diet. Then it fell out of favor because of the fat that is part of bacon. Substitutes, such as turkey bacon, which is leaner (and the bacon we personally prefer), became available. Couple that with the South Beach Diet and low or no carb diets and eating habits, and bacon came back in favor for its high protein content. But then you may worry about nitrates, depending on the studies to which you ascribe.

Nevertheless, if you do eat bacon, you may have noticed that the prices for it have been increasing. It is getting pretty expensive to enjoy this meat as part of your meal. That is where buying in bulk comes in. You can purchase it at warehouse stores and get a good deal there, or go to a wholesaler or farmer who may be able to get you an even larger amount. You may find yourself getting two to three times as much bacon for your money as you normally would.

Now the secret to storing all of this bacon is to cook it first, and then freeze the pieces individually. You can pull out two or three pieces to go with those eggs, or enough to feed your whole family. Just place the frozen pieces on a plate and microwave them for a few minutes to have hot sizzling bacon. And forget about commercial imitation bacon bits. Simply take out a strip and crumble it right then and there. You can also use the bacon in casseroles, crock pot dishes and other meals. Bacon is very tasty on pizza, for example.

Do you eat bacon? Do you have any favorite recipes that use bacon?

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