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Whether you are jetting off to Burlingame, California, to visit the world’s largest Pez dispenser or you’re planning a family trip to the Paris Texas Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas (it measures nearly 65 feet tall and has a cowboy hat on top), you’ll want to avoid luggage loss.

These days airport baggage carousels are known as “black holes” since they accommodate a prolific amount of identical-looking dark-colored suitcases. So how can you avoid grabbing the wrong bag, or worse, having some other traveler walk away with the personal belongings you have tucked away in your black luggage?

Here are some suggestions:

Neon Tags: Several companies market fluorescent-colored ID strips and handle tags that you can easily spot amongst a sea of black bags. The neon luggage tags are durable and bright, though, in order for them to be really effective, you need to purchase the largest size available. After all, it doesn’t matter how bright your bag’s tag is if it’s too small to see when you’re standing in a crowd three people deep.

Big Tags: Size matters, but going too big can also lead to other problems. While many companies sell extra-large luggage tags, measuring up to 6 inches in diameter and painted in a rainbow of colors, some travelers have complained that airline baggage handlers use the tags as handles. In other words, depending on who’s handling your bag, the mega-tag may or may not still be attached by the time your suitcase arrives at your final destination.

Crazy-Colored Bags: From hot pink to neon green and every shade in between, luggage manufacturers have come up with colorful ways to identify your bags on a carousel crowded with black suitcases. If you don’t mind toting a wild looking case you could even select pieces of safari luggage, which feature animal stripes, spots, and scales.

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