Bald and Beautiful


(My Michelin Man baby)

My daughter was bald and beautiful for the first two years of her life.

During that time I never once stuck a single pink bow on her noggin or dared place a bedazzled scalp-constricting headband around her halo of peach fuzz.

This, despite the fact that my roly-poly, precious baby GIRL was regularly mistaken for a BOY.

While other members of my family couldn’t stand that people thought my daughter was a boy, I wasn’t fazed in the least when strangers couldn’t properly identify her gender.

There was no way that I was going to place bows on her hairless head just so she could pull them off seconds later. Nor was I going to pierce her ears, force her to wear blinged out baby bracelets, paint her nails, or push her in a hot pink stroller just so perfect strangers could tell that my perfect healthy, perfectly happy baby was indeed a girl rather than a boy.

Who cares what other people think?

This stroll down memory lane of my bald and beautiful baby (who, by the way, has since evolved into an equally beautiful 7-year-old with a glorious crown of thick mocha hair) comes courtesy of a recent ad I saw for Baby Bangs. Don’t let the cutesy name fool you; the product is basically a wig for baby girls whose mothers can’t stand having their female offspring mistaken for a child with XY chromosomes.

Really? Really.

You want to dig deep and part with hard-earned cash, so you can attach a headband with fake pigtails on a baby?

The same baby, who cares more about when she’ll be able to take her next hit from a boob or a bottle, than whether some random stranger at Target thinks she’s a pretty boy.

Does it really matter what others think about your baby?

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