Baseball Stadiums Make Peanut Free Sections For Allergic Fans

St. Louis Stadium The world can be a scary place for children who are allergic to peanuts, and also for their parents. Having to always be on the lookout for allergens can prevent families from attending certain events, like a baseball game. Several baseball stadiums across the nation are now providing accommodations to people with peanut allergies, so they can come and watch the game like everyone else can.

You have heard the song called “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. You may have sung the lyrics while watching a game. There is a lyric that goes some thing like “Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack”. For many, peanuts are a classic, tasty, treat to snack on while watching your favorite team play a game of baseball.

Sadly, peanuts are the reason why children who have severe peanut allergies are unable to visit a baseball stadium. There is nothing like watching a baseball game live, at the stadium, while it is taking place. It is an experience that all children should have at least once in their lives. It also is a very family friendly activity.

The experience can quickly turn from something fun to an incredibly scary situation. All it takes to change things is for your child who has nut allergies to inhale particles of the peanut shells that are being cracked open by other the people who are also in the stadium.

Recently, several baseball stadiums have started accommodating for the needs of children who have severe peanut allergies. Some teams that are doing this include the Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals, Seattle mariners, Boston Red Sox, San Diego Padres, and New York Mets, (to name just a few). Stadiums will hold at least one peanut-controlled game day each season.

An isolated section that usually contains around 100 seats will be thoroughly cleaned before the game, in order to remove all traces of peanut. Workers power-wash the entire section, and also hand wash every single seat in it with bleach and water.

The stadium bans the selling of anything that contains nuts to that section of seats, as well as to any sections that are nearby it. There may be signs posted to make ushers and fans aware that this section is a nut-free zone. Often, there will be medical staff on hand in case of an allergy related medical emergency. All of this makes it much safer for children with peanut allergies, and their families, to enjoy a baseball game.

I would recommend that parents do a little research, and plan ahead, before purchasing tickets to a baseball game. You will need to find out if the stadium is participating in providing allergy friendly seating. If so, then you need to find out exactly which game this is going to be connected with. A good way to do that is to check the website for the stadium, and see if it mentions peanut-controlled games.

Image by KellyK on Flickr