Basic Time Management Strategies For Scrapbooking

We always here about time management and how it can make our lives easier, but how does that apply for our favorite hobby? It is easy really, but it does take a big commitment on your part to discipline yourself.

Set Aside Time

This seems like such a simple request, but often in our busy everyday lives, it is difficult to find the time to scrapbook. However, if you want to complete your layouts and fill your albums with beautiful pages, then it is an essential strategy for time management. Find time when you don’t really think you have it. Take magazines, sketches or idea books to the doctors office with you, or while you are waiting in the carpool lane after school. These places can allow you to steal away ten or fifteen minutes to organize your basic ideas.

Keep a Notebook Handy

Purchase a small notebook that can fit into your purse and take it everywhere you go. When you see something that inspires you, or you hear something cute you want to include, write it down. Draw sketches, make notes about which pictures you want to use, and other creative ideas. When you sit down to scrapbook, you can just reach for your notebook and get all kinds of great ideas and inspiration.

Keep It Simple

Every page does not have to be an elaborate piece of art. Every page that you create is a piece of art no matter how simple or elaborate it is. So keep your pages simple and basic and you will get much more scrapbooking done. Using Sketches can help too!

Utilize Page Kits

Assembling page kits or using pre-made page kits can help you complete a page quickly. If everything coordinates easily, it is fun to put together a page fast. Page kits can shave hours off of the completion of an album, and your layouts will still look great!

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