Bath Time Fun Preschool Crafts

Preschooler + Crafts = A Big Mess, right? Not necessarily, especially when you try these crafts that are ideal for bath time.

First, an all-time favorite preschool activity: Bubbles! What’s different here is that you can make the solution and even a custom wand yourself, and then let your child blow the bubbles while he or she is in the bath tub. It’s fun, and the extra soap from popped bubbles can only help get little tikes clean.

Bubble Solution

3 cups water
1 cup dishwashing liquid
1/3 cup corn syrup

Mix all the ingredients gently in a large container. Pour a small amount into a plastic bottle or container for your preschooler to use. You won’t want to give your preschooler more than a quarter of a cup or so at a time, because you don’t want his or her bath water to become soapy with dishwashing liquid if there are spills (which there will be).

You can use a bubble-blowing wand from an old bottle of bubbles, or make your own by twisting large, coated craft wire into a closed shapes, such as a circle or a heart. Leave a tail of wire on the shape and wrap it around a drinking straw for a handle.

Next, make these bath salts with your child ahead of time, then let her put a teaspoon of them in her bath water. Just a little goes a long way on delicate kid-skin, so be careful you don’t overdo it.

Bath Salts

1 cup Epsom salts
food coloring
essential oil or perfume

Combine the salt, two drops of food coloring and one or two drops of essential oil or perfume in a large plastic bag with a seal. Seal the bag and let your child shake it all around until the color is evenly distributed. Transfer to an airtight container.

With these activities, Preschooler + Crafts will equal good, clean fun!