Cleaning Stubborn Pots and Pans

pots and pansProbably the biggest contest in your kitchen will be keeping those pots and pans of yours clean. This is no easy task, and if you don’t believe me, just ask your pots. Chances are, they are just as unhappy with the way they look as you are and could stand a makeover. Consider these tips. In the long run, they will appreciate you a lot more.

Pots in Particular
To remove stubborn food residue from non-aluminum pots pour in a small amount of bleach and add some hot water. Let the solution sit in the pot at least 3 to 4 hours or overnight. Rinse well with dish detergent and water. For aluminum pots, a half-cup of white vinegar mixed with a half cup of hot water soaking for a few hours should do the trick. Wash out with dish soap and water.

Non-Stick Pots and Pans
To remove stains on non-stick finishes, mix 2 tablespoons baking powder, ½ cup chlorine bleach and a cup of water. Pour into the pot and boil mixture for about 10 minutes. Wash with soap and water, dry and then rub a little vegetable oil on the surface. Never do this with aluminum pots or pans or you will go directly to jail without passing go or collecting $200 dollars.

Non-Immersible Pots and Pans
These little buggers present much more of a challenge because unlike your other pots and pans, these can neither swim nor survive if submerged in water. To clean these, fill them half way to the top with water, add a little dish soap and set it to medium heat for about a half hour. For stubborn dirt, add 2 tablespoons water softener to the water. Watch closely to make sure that the water does not boil away.

Caked food from pans and baking sheets don’t stand a chance against a little hot water and believe it or not, a denture tablet. Leave overnight and I assure you the results will be something you can really sink your teeth into!

Enjoy your pots and pans responsibly. Only you can prevent scorching.

Do YOU have any cleaning tips to share?

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