Cleaning Up The Garden Path

pathTo be led along the garden path is an old expression, but it has new meaning when you are responsible for maintaining that path and the view from all points leading to it. Here are some tips so you won’t stray from the straight and narrow as well as the crooked and the wide. Read on if you dare.

Unwanted Growth
One way to kill the weeds growing between your patio stones and to get away without jail time is to replace them with plants. Plant some attractive ground cover seeds between the walkway stones. As they increase, they will stunt the growth of the weeds.
You can also discourage weed or grass growth in a stone patio or walkway by heating a gallon of water with a pound of salt added to it. Stir well and pour between the stones. Undiluted white vinegar will affect weed growth the same way.

Walkway Art
To give walkway slabs a new lease on life, repaint them. Clean them thoroughly first and then apply a few coats of a good quality concrete paint. If you feel creatively inspired, paint some designs on them with a stencil.

Concrete Stains and Marks
For removal of leaf stains, mix a solution of 1-quart water and 1-cup bleach. Thicken to a paste by adding some flour to it and then smear it onto the stained area. Let dry and hose off.
For greasy marks, mix a solution of 1-cup water softener and 1 gallon hot water and scrub well. If the stain persists, apply a paste of water and fuller’s earth. Let it sit on the stain for 24 hours and then hose it off.
Dry cement powder used as a pumice and rubbed with a piece of flagstone is usually very effective in removing rust stains. The sandstone variety of flagstone works best.

Do YOU have any garden path tips to add? Please share.

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