Be a Self-Starter at Work

One of the largest assets to any company is an employee who is a self-starter. The self-starter is a dying breed and they are becoming harder and harder to find.

Why make such a big deal about being a self-starter? Well, it is a big deal because it is one of the key traits that employers are looking for in their employees. If you want a job, then you need to exhibit this trait. Sadly, most people are not self-starters. The good news, however, is that everyone has the potential to become a self-starter if they put their minds to it. Here are a few of the traits of a self-starter:

Self-Starters Find Work To Do
A self-starter doesn’t have to be told to work. You won’t ever find this type of person standing around waiting for an assignment. Instead, this person will look around and find something that needs to be done. Their job may be as a cashier, but if there is a display that needs straightening or a floor that needs sweeping, they’ll do it. This is valuable to an employer because they really don’t have time to chase their employees around to make sure that they are working. A self-starter assumes that if they are being paid, they should be doing something at all times.

Self-Starters Take Responsibility
A self-starter realizes that it is their responsibility to help the company run smoothly. Whether they are the lowest clerk or the highest executive, a self-starter knows that their part in the company is vital to helping everything run smoothly.

Self-Starters Feel Ownership
Even if it is the self-starter’s job to empty the garbage, he or she takes ownership of their job and of the business where they work. A self-starter understands that for that moment, they ARE the business. When they perform their work they are the face of the business, and that matters – both to their employer and to the customer.

Self-Starters Finish
Self-starters don’t stop a task half of the way through. Instead, they follow through to the end. A true self-starter knows that their part is not over until the job is finished.