Be a Volunteer!

Last Friday, we had a big event at school called “Colonial Day”. The 5th graders have been studying American history and one thing they do as a whole class is put on a big day to celebrate the history of America.

It’s a rather big production, with several booths set up where the kids rotate through to experience different things from that time period. They had candle making, doll making, calligraphy, bubble blowing, games, dancing, tin art, stenciling, and etiquette classes among other events going on. The kids even come dressed up in Colonial outfits. The girls wear dresses with aprons and hats, the boys wear knickers and hats, and they all come with lunches in pails. The Moms came in Colonial costumes as well, if you can imagine that! They even have antiques on display and the whole area is decorated in a patriotic display. Even George Washington himself came to speak. It’s really neat.

The whole day is organized and run by volunteers. Without the volunteers, they would not be able to have this. They wouldn’t be able to learn the Virginia Reel, or play Blind Woman or learn how butter is churned. They wouldn’t be able to live a day as a colonial child, and they wouldn’t appreciate our history as much as they do when they can experience it hands on.

The schools cannot run on their staff alone. Some schools are even under-staffed as it is. The parents and volunteers are the only thing that allows the schools to put on events like this one. The lady that organized our day, Carol, spent countless hours making sure booths were organized, volunteers were in place and everybody knew what to do. Imagine if one of the teachers was solely responsible for this job, and the amount of time that would be taken away from the children’s schooling.

Remember how important it is to volunteer when you can. Some people can volunteer every week, some can only volunteer on special occasions. Whatever you can do, do it! If you can’t physically go down to the school to participate, send in treats or supplies when needed. You’re a very important tool in your child’s education. They’re only in school for a short period of time, so if you can do it, don’t miss out.