Be Careful about Your Comments

Have you ever had one comment that someone said stick with you and affect your emotions and thoughts about yourself for years? If so I am sure that the comment was likely negative. In many cases the person that makes the comment does not even know that it hurt you. We never know when and how we are going to greatly impact someone with the words that we say. Therefore we must choose them carefully.

Teachers are no different. The words that you use in your classroom leave a lasting impression on your students. Be careful about the words that you choose. There is never such a thing as a casual remark or comment when it comes to the feelings of a child.

I have known it to happen that a teacher makes a casual comment to a child without a second thought. Days, weeks, or even years later, that child comes back and thanks the teacher for that one comment that changed his or her life forever. If your positive comments can have this much impact on your students, consider what your negative ones do.

Children are very impressionable. The things that we say and never give a second thought to saying are often recorded and stored in their hearts and minds for years to come. Fill them with comments of praise, encouragement, and positivity. Refrain from making degrading, embarrassing, or negative comments to your students.

In some cases, teachers try to gain popularity from the class by joking and making amusing comments. Unfortunately, these comments are often at the expense of others.

Other teachers tend to degrade and put students down when handing out discipline. As teachers, we must discipline. We must let children know that we are not pleased with their actions. Correcting a child is perfectly acceptable. However, one must remember that when giving discipline we must never sacrifice respect.

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