Bear Paw Prints

Here are some ideas of how your child can paint bear paws and their own “bare” paws too.

Bare Prints

You will need:
White butcher paper
Washable paint
Shallow pan

Spread butcher paper across the kitchen floor or outside and tape it or use rocks to hold it down. You can get butcher paper at school supply stores or craft stores. I like to get the end rolls from our local newspaper. You can pick them up one day a week for free. They usually have about 50-60 feet of paper on them.

Pour the paint into a shallow dish. I like to use aluminum pie pans.

Help your child step in the paint. Then let them walk all over the paper creating their “bare” prints. For some added fun let your child pretend to be a bear while they are making their prints.

Next to the paint have another shallow pan with water. Rinse your child’s feet off then dry with a towel. You can hang the “bare” prints on the wall to let them dry.

Potato Print Paws

You will need:
Washable Paint
1 large Potato
Sharp Knife
White paper

This first part parents will need to do by themselves. Cut the potato in half lengthwise. Then draw a large circle on the potato with a pencil. Cut the potato around the circle off, leaving only the circle that you drew.

On the other half of the potato draw another circle about ¼ the size of the first circle. Cut away the excess potato leaving only the circle. You will probably want to cut off the edges of the potato, just to the circle, so it is easier to hold onto.

Place some paint in a bowl and dip the potato stamp into the paint. Then stamp the paper. Use the large circle stamp for the main part of the bear paw. Stamp the toes of the paw with the smaller circle.

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