Beatles Song + Diaper Commercial = Controversy

Have you seen the TV ad?

Devoted Beatles fans are lashing out at the maker of a popular brand of disposable diapers. Procter & Gamble, the maker of Luvs diapers, is currently running a TV commercial which features the Fab Four’s 1967 peace anthem “All You Need Is Love.”

The TV ad shows a diaper-clad tot wrestling with a stuffed bear as his smiling family looks on. The commercial’s tag line is: “All you need is Luvs.”

Company executives say their use of the song was simply to provide consumers with an upbeat introduction to the new Luvs’ “Bear Hug Stretch,” diaper, which offers “premium leakage protection at no extra cost.” Execs add that the commercial was popular with test group parents who gave high marks to the use of the song.

But not every one is happy with the commercial. Die-hard Beatles fans have been flooding Internet chat rooms, sounding off about their disgust with Procter & Gamble’s alleged misuse of the popular ditty.

One fan wrote: “I just cannot see a Beatles song being used for trivial things … not Beatles songs!!!!”

Others say the song struck a sour note for them because “the idealistic song, popular among Vietnam War opponents, is being used at the time of another war, in Iraq, to evoke soiled diapers.”

You don’t have to be a couch potato to know that it’s common practice for companies to use classic songs in commercials. And Beatles songs have certainly made their way into other ads before. A version of their song “Help!” was used in a car commercial in 1985. In addition, John Lennon’s son Julian’s 2002 cover of “When I’m Sixty-Four” was used by Allstate Insurance. And what TV watching American hasn’t seen the commercials currently being run by Target, which uses a version of “Hello Goodbye” – “Goodbuy?”

Still for loyal Beatles fans the group’s songs are considered “works of art that changed a generation and influenced future generations.”

Regarding the diaper controversy, one hardcore Beatles fan grumbled: “For me it corrupts and contaminates the memories I have, with a recording of ‘All You Need is Love’ and it’s about a diaper. John Lennon must be rolling over in his grave.”

What about you? Are you offended by Procter & Gamble’s use of the song in their commercial?

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