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I am a scrapbook sticker fiend and I’m not ashamed to admit it, as I always find a way to use every last attractive adhesive. I use the majority of my leftover stickers to create borders on layouts, though stickers are certainly not the only means in which to create beautiful borders.

If you are short on time and money, printable borders offer a great alternative to traditional ones. Fortunately, there are hundreds of websites that offer an array of incredible scrapbook borders for free. What’s more, in most cases you can customize the borders to fit your specific measurements, thereby allowing you to complete your layout in record time. However, if you are working with unusual measurements, you will have to use image editing software, by doing so you can scale the borders to fit your exact layouts. For example, if you need a border to be 2 inches thick on one page and 1-inch thick on another page, simply use the image editing program to adjust the size of the border to suit your design.

Another perk of using printable borders is that you can use the same pattern on different colored paper. Also, you have the option of recycling a certain border by changing the text. For example, if you initially use a balloon and confetti border that says “Happy Birthday,” but you want to use the same border for a New Year’s Eve layout, then simply change the text prior to printing. Just make sure you print your borders on acid-free paper, so as to not compromise your scrapbook.

Printing free borders is a cinch. You can either Google “free scrapbook borders” or visit some of my favorite sites, including Creativity Portal. I love the site’s variety of borders. There are several categories, including “Holidays” and “Baby.” ScrapbookScrapbook and Family Fun are also excellent sources for free borders.

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