Become a Food Writer

Do you love food? Do you have a passion for fresh ingredients? If so, have you considered becoming a food writer? Food writers can perform a variety of jobs. In my own experience, food writing has brought me great joy. Some of the most popular food writing jobs include:

Recipe Writing – many online forums hire food writers to write weekly, monthly, or daily recipes. I am a food blogger here at, and sharing recipes with readers is something I look forward to each day.

Cookbook Writing – cookbooks are published every year. Fresh ideas are always needed. If you have a new idea, why not give it a try?

Restaurant Reviews – this is a fun career. Many times the reviews are done anonymously. Companies will often reimburse you for your meal and pay you a flat fee for the article/review you provide. Some of these jobs can pay very well, while others are mostly for exposure. If you love dining out then this may be a career to consider. I write reviews for a local magazine and find it completely enjoyable and very well paying (about $200 per 350 word article plus dinner).

Recipe Testing – there are companies who will pay you to test recipes for them. For example, I once created 15 recipes for a company using their pre-packaged muffin mix. I sent the samples back to them in their pre-paid box and they posted the recipes on their website. This is a fun job for a home cook who loves to experiment with new recipes.

If you’ve ever considered food writing, find your own niche and go for it! You never know what career opportunities are out there until you try. Personally, the joy I get from sharing recipes and writing about food, brings me a great deal of satisfaction. The highlight of my day is when someone contacts me to tell me they tried one of my recipes and loved it.