Become a Teacher

Do you want to teach? Now more than ever, school districts across the country are in need of qualified teachers and are taking the steps to encourage the best people to step into our nation’s classrooms.

Start by learning what is required to become licensed in your state, what college credits and education background is needed. You can learn more about “alternate route” certification by visiting your state’s department of education website. Or you can look up a wealth of information from the National Education Association (NEA)

The NEA has a student program to support college students who intend to become teachers. The program encourages peer mentoring, provides opportunities for pre professional training, and sponsors a national scholarship. On their website, you can access information about certification requirements in all 50 states.

Take a look here for membership contact information and links to state departments of education:

Elsewhere on the NEA website are great resources for lesson plans, information on professional development, and issues affecting the teaching profession. If you are considering a career in teaching, whether you are a young college student or an adult who is considering a career change, now is a great time to pursue a wonderful and meaningful career.