Before and After

Are you planning to redo a space in your home? Whether you recently moved into a new home or you are redecorating a room, it’s nice to have a before and after record of the transformation.

You can create a simple scrapbook to track the changes. It is a good idea to take several pictures before you begin the process, after the room is emptied, and during each stage of the redecorating process. When the space is finished, take pictures from every angle to show off your work.

If you removed wallpaper in the process of redoing the room, or if you have some leftover pieces of the original wallpaper, use it as a backdrop for your photos. Cut different sizes and shapes from the wallpaper and secure them to the pages or cover entire pages of the scrapbook. Place “before” pictures on top of these backgrounds.

If you added new wallpaper or fabric, use scraps from these materials to make backdrops for your “after” pictures. If using fabric, cut the edges with pinking shears, hem rough edges with seam tape, or simply fold the edges over and crease them with your iron. Glue securely to the pages of the scrapbook.

While you can certainly add these images to any scrapbook, it’s a nice idea to make a special book specifically for changes you make to your home. When you decorate another space, you can add to the book, or make a separate, smaller volume for each space.

If you don’t have any extra wallpaper, border, or fabric, you can also add paint chips, swatches, or other items that coordinate with the color scheme of the room. While keeping a simple before and after record is fine, this idea takes it a step further.

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