Before Choosing A College Major…

“What do you want to be when you grow-up?” was a question that I heard often. I was very confident in the answer. I knew that I wanted to be a veterinarian. I was raised on a farm and had many pets. I loved all animals. I could envision myself saving each and every sick or hurt pet that came into my office. Things changed. As you know, I am a teacher. However, my love for animals is still very strong.

The turning point came through experience and observation. Before beginning the many years of college that a veterinarian endures, it was suggested that I observe a veterinarian in action. I went to the vet office and observed a cat being spayed. It was the absolute worst thing that I had ever seen in my life! Besides the blood and knives turning my stomach, the cat was unknowingly expecting kittens. I soon discovered that this was not the profession for me. For me animals are pets, not a job!

I know many people that have encountered something like I did. You have your heart and mind set on what you want to do with your life. You soon then discover that it is not the right choice for you. I was lucky. I found out before I began my higher education. Some people have already begun college, or even their job, before they realize that they have made a mistake. There are some things that you can do to help prevent this from happening to you.

· Be open-minded. Research various jobs. Do not limit yourself to one or two professions.
· Get the facts. Once you have decided on a profession, research it thoroughly. How much schooling will it take? What schools offer the classes? What salary should you expect? Is there a demand for the profession? Will you need to relocate?
· Give it a try (or at least an observation). Talk with people who are in the profession. Ask for pros and cons. Spend a day working in the profession.

Things worked out great for me! I love my job and I love my pets! I hope that you too can spend your life doing something that you enjoy!

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