Being a Teacher’s Child…

Teachers are also people. Although the students usually do not believe it, teachers do have a life outside of school. And even though it sometimes feels like it, we do not live there. Teachers have outside interests, friends, and even children of their own.

In many cases, the children of teachers will attend the same school that their parents teach at. While this can be an absolutely wonderful experience, it an also get somewhat complicated from time to time.

When dealing with younger children it can be hard for them to understand the separation from you being a parent and them being a student. Even if they are not in your classroom, this distinction can be difficult for them when they see you in the hallway or see you giving attention to other children.

Likewise it can also be difficult for the parents to create a separation between being a professional and a parent. In some cases, the parents get too involved in the inside information that he or she has due to being a teacher. It may be harder to see things as a teacher when it comes to your child rather than as a parent.

Some teachers will show favoritism to their child. Although the special privileges that the child receives may be small and insignificant, the other children and parents will likely pick up on them.

For example, the parent may use the school facilities to heat up the child’s lunch. This may not be a service that the other children receive. The children of the teachers also usually get special privileges in the mornings and the afternoons. They typically do not follow the same procedures as the other children.

Therefore being a child of a teacher can in some cases be difficult for the child due to the perception that his or her peers have.

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