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If you haven’t yet visited the Ben & Jerry Holiday website, you are in for a real treat and a few fun tricks. Right now, they are gearing up for Halloween with lots of fun stuff that is great for kids.

When you get to the Ben & Jerry’s Halloween section, you are greeted by a ghost who is welcoming you into the flavor graveyard. Click on the ghost, and you’ll be taken through the graveyard and past some tombstones toward the haunted house. The unseen ghostly hands will drop you off just inside the front door, where you’ll be greeted by all sorts of characters. Try mousing over a few of them for some Halloween fun. My favorite is the cat who gets spooked every time a ghoul happens to roll by.
On the stairway, you’ll find lots of holiday links. There are: Online Games, eCards, the Flavor Graveyard, Creepy Crafts, Halloween History & Links, Coloring Book, Print & Play and a Scream (Screen) Saver. You’ll have fun exploring them all.

The Print & Play section allows you to download and print word games and mazes of different levels, from easy to hard. In the craft section, you can build yourself and entire haunted village, if you like, along with a skeleton and a good witch. In Online Games, there are five easy-to-play virtual online games, such as scoop snatchers, in which you have to collect enough ice cream before the bats and other spooks take it away, or the Virtual Pumpkin, where you can carve to your hearts content without the messy pumpkin guts. Practice on the virtual pumpkin, and you’ll be all set for the real ones this month. One of our favorites is The Mummy’s Tomb, a small arcade-type game that involves you, a maze, the mummy and his friends.

To visit Ben & Jerry’s Halloween Pages, just click here:

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