Benefits of Family Scripture Study

We have been counseled to have scripture study as a family for many years. Depending on the ages of your family members this could mean a wide variety of things. If you have very young children, you may be focusing on teaching the stories in the scriptures. If you have children in elementary school, you may take turns reading the verses aloud, and discussing the points taught in the chapter. If you have teenagers you may be reading by topic, and addressing questions and concerns that they may have. Your family will be benefited in many ways.

1) As you study the scriptures together the spirit will more fully enter your home. You will find a peace in your family and a joy as you teach and share the gospel with your children. The spiritual blessings are many, which includes instilling a firm knowledge of the gospel in your children.

2) Your family will grow closer together. You will be spending time together. This time will lead to your family having discussions about the gospel, and other topics as well. The time you spend together now will strengthen you for challenges, which you may face together.

3) Your children will receive a great benefit when it comes to their reading skills if you spend time reading the scriptures out loud together. When you read to them as young children you are teaching them the cadence of language. As they begin to read out loud during family scripture time, it will give them practice for school. It will give them practice and confidence when they are asked to read out loud in school.

There are many more benefits to reading the scriptures as a family. If you take the time to heed the prophet’s counsel you and your family will be blessed in numerous ways. How has family scripture study blessed your life?