Benefits of Living on One Income

In this time when it seems many couples seem almost to feel they cannot exist without two incomes, let me suggest a few benefits of being a one income family.

Early on in our marriage we made the choice I would stay home while the children were young, because we thought it was important. Neither of us wanted to leave the raising of our children to others. Basically we thought it was vital to be able to spend time with them and teach them and shape their values and attitudes. Obviously the more time you spend with children the more likelihood there is of that happening. So, one benefit is more relaxed and fun time with children and more involvement with them.

Believe me you see the benefits of this when they grow up. Ours are adults now, one with family of his own, I thank God I had those years when they were little. Though financially at times it was a struggle, I can see the positive results of having those years with them in the personalities, their values and attitudes and what is important to them. Not to mention the close relationship we have.

It also can make for a better marriage relationship in that means that the wife, or partner who stays at home, is less stressed and more relaxed and able to devote more time to their spouse. It means they are not be trying to cram everything in at home after working all day at some other job. Because the reality is even if both partners work outside the home, statistics show the woman still does the majority of the housework.

Living on one income also forces you to be think about the way you spend your money, As you don’t have as much to spend you have to figure out ways of feeding and clothing family, of saving on groceries bills, and of providing entertainment.

Join me tomorrow as I look at ways you can do this.

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