Benefits of the Bedtime Story

Reading your child a bedtime story is a sweet moment for both the parent and child. Most children have a favorite bedtime story they insist on hearing nightly. Parents hardly need the book as favorites are committed to memory. These golden moments never have to fade with time as reading aloud is a great way to spend time with a child of any age. The benefits and memories last a lifetime and can turn into a family tradition that your children will pass onto their children.

Reading to a child encourages a love for books. A child who reads or is read to aloud will develop an imagination which needs not the crutch of a visual aid. Listening skills are also developed by reading to your child. Another benefit to reading to your child is an increase in the child’s ability to write effectively. Providing a house where literature is encourages will enrich a child’s educational experience and help a child achieve educational goals. Listening skills, writing skills, and a thirst for knowledge will benefit a student of any course from English to Science. Good readers have an easier time making their way through a difficult course of study. All of these benefits can begin from the time you bring home your first read aloud book.

While you can begin to read aloud to your child from birth it is never too late to start this endeavor. You simply need the time and a good book that you and your child can enjoy together. If you have a child of reading age you can each read a passage aloud. Having your child read aloud has its own rewards. Whatever book you choose always review the previous night’s reading to reinforce listening and memory skills. Ask your child if he remembers what happened in the previous chapter or what book you read the night before. If you are reading to little ones who relish in hearing the same story night after night, encourage him to remember the next word or action. A child as young as two can finish “Mary had a little___.”

I encourage you to explore reading aloud with your children tonight. Beginning this task with an older child may seem odd but you may be surprised how receptive your child is to this activity. You will not be disappointed with this addition to your bedtime routine.

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