Benefits of the Sun in a Supplement: Coral LLC Vitamin D

The Vitamin D rage has been going on for quite some time. Even my pediatrician said to increase the amount of Vitamin D I give my kids. It seems everywhere you look it is being recommended to increase your intake of this vitamin. But then again, there is always a health craze going on, right? One minute it’s eating whole grains and the next it’s taking Vitamin D. So is there some real reason for increasing my intake of this vitamin? Let’s take a glance at the benefits of Vitamin D.

Benefits of Vitamin D

Helps Maintain Bone Strength

Aides Calcium Absorption

Helps Prevent Osteoporosis

Aides Cell Differentiation

Helps Reduce Risk of Tumors

Enhanced Immune Function

Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

Helps Prevent Brain Degeneration

It may help reduce the risk of MS.

It may help reduce the risk of RA in women.

BONUS: It may help with weight loss! While this is not confirmed, studies are showing that those who consume more Vitamin D have loose more weight and loose it easier than those who are deficient. One link of vitamin D and weight loss is to the loss of belly fat.

Why are we deficient?

The main source of Vitamin D is from the sun. Eating enough foods to fulfill your requirement is difficult. With air pollution, sunscreen, staying indoors, and cloud cover or living somewhere where there is little sunlight throughout the year makes absorbing enough vitamin D difficult.

How do we increase our intake?

Taking a supplement like Coral LLC Vitamin D3 is the perfect choice. Coral, LLC, provides a high potency supplement which will aid in keeping your teeth and bones strong. It also contains 260 mg of calcium and over 70 trace minerals which helps maintain the body’s systems. This high quality supplement is designed to help you absorb Vitamin D so you can benefit from the effects of Vitamin D. However, the one effect you won’t feel that is common with taking calcium supplements is constipation. For this reason and the benefits of the added minerals makes Coral LLC Vitamin D the best choice.

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