Benefits of Yoga in the Morning

There are many benefits to practicing yoga in the morning. The physical benefits of practicing yoga in the morning include stretching the muscles, awakening the body, improving circulation and stimulating the mind.

The benefits of yoga are not all physical. Taking even the time for a short yoga practice in the morning allows you to begin your day centered and happy in the present moment. Even on mornings when calm feels miles away a little yoga in the morning can help improve your outlook.

Recently, I recommitted to practicing each morning. With four kids, this is not always easy. It’s always not easy, but it really is worth it. I quickly found that I feel better physically and I deal better with the morning nightmare. Getting four kids out the door with everything they need is stressful and starting off relaxed has made a huge difference.

Another benefit of practicing yoga in the morning is you are certain to fit it into the day. Often, when we have a vague intention of practicing, but no set time, responsibilities have a way of creeping in and sucking up the time. By the time you run the kids to school, basketball practice, dance lessons and other activities, get everyone fed, bathed and put to bed you realize you never practiced and are now too tired to bother.

There are so many benefits to practicing in the morning, so why don’t we do it? Because women are tired. Whether they are mothers, working, going to school or any combination of these roles, we are tired and sometimes that extra fifteen or twenty minutes of sleep feels more important than anything else.

The good news is that once you drag yourself out of bed and practice for a few mornings in a row, it gets easier. The reason it gets easier is you will begin to feel better moving into and through your day. This is all the incentive you’ll need to stick with it.

One word of caution: Listen to your body. If you are stiff in the morning, move slowly into the poses and stop if you are uncomfortable. Don’t push it before your body is warmed up and ready to go deeper into the asanas.

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