If you love spending quality time outdoors in the winter with family and friends, then this information is for you. Across the country are a number of national parks that offer some of the finest outdoor activities imaginable. Being outside in the snow and ice, surrounded by beautiful nature is magical. With so much public land, you can enjoy a number of sports, while watching the migration of wildlife, beautiful sunsets, or sloping mountains of powdered snow. As you stand in awe, a kind of hush descends, making winter one of the most exciting seasons.

For starters, Yellowstone National Park has an area called Norris Basin. There, you will discover snow below 4,000 feet, which is unusual. If you prefer, you can climb upwards to 6,000 feet, discovering a place called Tuolumne Meadows. This winter paradise is covered with snow and simply breathtaking. Going even higher and more to the north, there is Crater Lake National Park in the state of Oregon. Up to nine months each year, this park offers visitors gorgeous snow.

If you happen to like high mountain peaks, then the Rocky Mountain National Park is unbeatable. The area is covered with white aspen and evergreen, filling the air with a sweet, natural aroma. Although Acadia National Park in Maine does not always receive as much snow as other national parks, when it does, a trip there in the winter is worth the effort. The mountains are simply stunning and the environment surreal.

Some people head to Alaska during the winter, looking for that pristine area to ski and mountain climb. However, interior Alaska does not always offer much snow, usually as little as two feet for most of the season. However, if you head over to Denali National Park, you will find accessible areas that do provide white, powdery snow. Keep in mind that these national parks are just a few samples of the many wonderful spots that are ideal for winter sports.

When looking for a new place for skiing, camping, snowshoeing, dogsledding, or just wildlife watching, consider the wonderful possibilities in the country’s national parks. Winter entry fees are affordable and the diversity unrivaled.

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